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NORMA I. LOVE FUNDACION, a non-profit non-governmental organization with 33 years of presence in the area of ​​the Honduran Mosquitia based in Tegucigalpa F.M.

1. Support from Volunteer Technicians.

a) -Conclude the Final Studies of the Mocorón Community Hydroelectric Project.

b) Survey of the Technical Information of the Mocorón Community Solar Project and BACKUP.


2. Socialize the document of the Administrative Board in Mocorón.

- Mocorón Community Hydroelectric Project. 


- Mocorón Community Solar Project. 


- Conservation of the Mocorón Community Forest. 


- Mocorón Community Drinking Water Project.

The importance for people to get involved with Norma I. Love Foundation and its projects.

  • Supporters: they are not members of the association but they collaborate in its activities and share its objectives.

  • Collaborators: they provide their financial and other support without becoming part of the development of the association.

  • Active members: involved in activities such as maintenance and development.

  • Directors: direct and coordinate the foundation.

  • Managers: management and administration of resources, in addition to the implementation of activities approved by the foundation.

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